Privileged to have one of the first Pro Series 34s in Canada on my doorstep, I was eager to get this beast fired up.  With a similar concept to its previous model (Texas Pro), the new upgraded base is something I have been anxiously anticipating for some time.  Considering my grills are up and down off the truck several times a week for demos and events, I was definitely in need of more structural integrity.  Traeger nailed it!  As advertised, the new sawhorse chassis is very robust with linebacker-like stability.  The extra beefy leg construction, along with the newly engineered design turns this grill from a mediocre pellet grill, in to a TANK!

I have also been inconvenienced with wheels popping off the legs on the old design, and though this new grill doesn’t have much mileage on her yet, it seems this issue should be rectified.  The Traeger logo on the wheels is just as impressive; it tells me that Traeger takes pride in their ever-evolving products and brand.

Maintaining accurate temps with the Elite Series and the Pro Series was seldom an issue, though the Advanced Grilling Logic guarantees a +/- ° F for precision grilling.  I have always been dialled in with temps – but this extra feature for us in the True North is a blessing.  Cooking with wood has never been simpler.  Thank you Traeger.


  • 884 sq. in. grilling area
  • Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic and Dual Meat Probes
  • Main Rack Easily Holds 24 Burgers | 6 Chickens, 32 Hot Dogs | 9 Rib Racks
  • Extra Rack Easily Holds 16 Burgers | 24 Hot Dogs


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