Traegering 101



The term P-settings, refers to the auger timer settings when your grill control is set to SMOKE.    On your grill, there is a small pinhole button (usually under the call service sticker) that is available for cycling through the P-settings available with your grill.  To be clear, the P-settings do not affect any of the numbered settings on your control – only the smoke setting.

For each P-setting option, you alter the time-cycles that the auger feeds the fire pot while on smoke.  On smoke, your auger will always rotate for 15 seconds, allowing pellets to enter the fire pot.  The P-settings determine the length of delay between auger rotation cycles.

Here is the breakdown:

  • P-0 : 45 second delay
  • P-1 : 55 second delay
  • P-2 : 65 second delay (factory default)
  • P-3 : 75 second delay
  • P-4 : 85 second delay
  • P-5 : 95 second delay
  • P-6 : 105 second delay
  • P-7 : 115 second delay
  • P-8 : 125 second delay
  • P-9 : 1355 second delay

So, to summarize, the lower the P-setting, the faster the auger will kick on to feed the fire.  The higher the P-setting, the longer it will take for the auger to kick on and feed the fire.

In colder climates, or when experiencing difficulties maintaining 150-180 degrees on smoke, adjusting your p-setting to a lower number will increase the speed at which the fire is fed, and will result in higher temps.  Remember though, as it gets warmer outside, to bring your P-settings back up – or you’ll end up with undesirable high temps on the smoke setting.

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