Start your fire.

Since the Traeger makes life easy by being able to set your temperature and literally walking away, lighting the fire is really the only step that requires your time.  So, the 5 minutes of time it requires is worth every second.  When you take the 5 minutes to light the grill, and make sure the fire is lit, you eliminate most, if not all operator error possibilities.

Instead of lighting the grill and walking away, spend 5 minutes with your machine each time you light it.  Once you see the smoke rolling out, you know the fire is lit, you can close your lid, set your temp and go prep your food while the grill is preheating.


Preheat the Grill.

After starting the fire, the next, and most important step is to allow the grill to preheat to your desired temperature.  Especially in colder climates, loading the grill with food before you’ve achieved your desired cooking temperature can affect how quickly the grill gets to your desired temperature.

On average, a Pro 22 (or Lil Tex) will take about 8 minutes to reach 400°F.  Try loading your grill with potatoes before preheating, and see how long it takes for your grill to get to 400°F.  Remember that as a Traeger user, you are relying on a machine to govern a fire and maintain a desired temperature within +/- 15°F. If you follow these first two suggestions, your Treager experience will be perfect every time.


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