What is “LEr”? According to Traeger technical support, “LEr” is an error code that appears on the control display when your grill operates for 10 consecutive minutes without reaching 125°F (regardless Continue Reading
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil is your new best friend! Before cooking anything on your grill, your first step (after assembly) is to foil the areas that will be heavily exposed to grease and drippings.  Two key areas you Continue Reading
Start your fire. Since the Traeger makes life easy by being able to set your temperature and literally walking away, lighting the fire is really the only step that requires your time.  So, the 5 minutes of time it Continue Reading
Traegering 101


The term P-settings, refers to the auger timer settings when your grill control is set to SMOKE.    On your grill, there is a small pinhole button (usually under the call service sticker) that is available for Continue Reading