In lieu of my commitment to compete this upcoming summer, it’s time to get some practice in on the cut I cook the least – the KING of BBQ – the Beef Brisket.  With time, proper temps, some salt and pepper, this cut can be the best tasting bbq you’ll ever eat!


A Great Foundation – Salt, Pepper & Garlic

Picking a rub can be tricky – especially for competition – since the judges basically get one bite of your creation.  It is that one bite that can be a memorable one worthy of top scores that we all strive for, or one not worthy of mention.  Texture is an entirely different subject, so I’ll stay on task here.

Since I love the taste of beef, I am not trying to season the brisket with anything overpowering.  The best foundation for a Brisket Rub is Salt, Pepper & Garlic.  My experimenting begins with equal parts salt and pepper, and 1/4 part garlic.  I go with Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper – and I prefer Garlic Powder of garlic salt – I find the garlic salt a bit much.

From there, it all depends on your taste buds, preferences (and the judges).  Of course, I intend to do my research before competing (in designated areas) to be certain the flavour profile I’ve achieved is desired in that region.

Suggestions for ingredients to experiment with include: Paprika, Cayenne Pepper, Onion Powder, Mustard Powder, Sugar, Brown Sugar, and even ground coffee.  They key here is practice, practice, practice!


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