Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil is your new best friend!

Before cooking anything on your grill, your first step (after assembly) is to foil the areas that will be heavily exposed to grease and drippings.  Two key areas you should keep foiled at all times.

First, the grease pan (or drip tray).


Keeping this foiled (with even a couple of layers) makes life incredibly easy when it comes to cleaning.  Once a week (obviously depending on how often you use the grill), tear off your dirty sheet of foil and reapply.  I highly recommend visiting your nearest bulk store and grabbing a heavy duty roll on the way home from buying your Traeger.

Second, the grease bucket.


Just like your grease pan, keeping this covered with foil just makes life easy when it comes to cleaning.  I’ll also add that it will help preserve your Traeger, and keep the appearance as crisp as possible.  I promise you, as a Traeger owner, your BBQ will be on showcase quite a bit – so keeping it fresh just adds to your presentation.

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