A shout-out to my brother Ryan Léger (@legsleger) for introducing me to the BBQ world.  After his 5 years of heavy touring with Every Time I Die (souther metal band from Buffalo, NY), Legs was privileged enough to taste authentic wood-fired bbq all across the United States, and even a bite here and there outside North America.  He fell in love with BBQ – and luckily for me, his passion for BBQ was contagious.

IMG_0046  IMG_5093

His passion for BBQ was contagious – and rightfully so!

He showed me the ropes.  When I first got my Traeger, I’d be calling on him daily, asking about cuts of meat, temperatures for cooks, and recipes for rubs.  Little did I know then, that the time and hands-on practice that goes into BBQ is not something that anyone will just share.  Thank God Mr. Léger is as humble as he is; he volunteered his information and helped me get going.

Years later, I am proud to be a brand ambassador for Traeger Wood Fired Grills and Traeger Canada.  BBQing has become a huge part of my life.  Stoked to say that Legs and I intend to get our feet wet in the competition world in the summer of 2016.  Here’s hoping that someday I can blog about a Grand Championship.


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